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It is now normal for couples to live together without getting married or entering a civil partnership, but what many cohabiting couples don’t realise is that they have no rights towards each other’s property, savings, pension or other assets in the event of a separation. This can leave people in severe financial difficulty if they split up.

A cohabitation agreement (formerly known as a ‘living together agreement’) allows you to set out exactly how your assets will be divided in the event of a separation. It can cover issues such as who will stay in the family home, how savings are divided and other key issues. It can also cover issues such as what share of your rent or mortgage and other living costs will be split during your cohabitation.

Making a cohabitation agreement can save you a lot of confusion, stress and conflict in the event of a separation. It is particularly important where you own a home together, one of you lives in a property the other owns and where you have children.

Our London family lawyers are experts in making cohabitation agreements for couples from all backgrounds. We can provide clear, pragmatic guidance on what issues you need to consider, exactly what to include in your agreement and how to reach an agreement without creating conflict.

Should you be planning to separate and you have a cohabitation agreement, we can advise on its application, giving you a clear picture of the effects of the cohabitation agreement on your finances and other key issues.

Ultimately, our goal is to give unmarried couples peace of mind and security for the future, while avoiding unnecessary conflict for everyone involved.

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Why choose Huggins Lewis Foskett for your cohabitation agreement?

Clients from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels come to Huggins Lewis Foskett for sensitive, practical advice tailored to their unique circumstances and needs.

Our team has achieved the Law Society’s Family Law Advanced accreditation, recognising our expertise in more specialist family law matters, such as cohabitation.

We believe in providing close personal support and clear legal advice delivered with sensitivity and a strong focus on what is best for you and your loved ones.

In the event of a separation, our high level of skill in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows our family lawyers to remove much of the conflict that can arise.

We work on a fixed-fee basis wherever possible, offering certainty over the costs involved in making a cohabitation agreement.

Our cohabitation agreement services

Making a cohabitation agreement

It is absolutely essential to get the terms of your cohabitation agreement right and make sure it is prepared in the right way. This ensures that all of your future needs and those of your loved ones will be met in the event of a separation. It also means the cohabitation agreement has the best chance of being taken into account by a judge should your separation end up in court.

Our cohabitation agreement solicitors can help you negotiate fair terms for your agreement. We can also ensure the agreement is prepared in the correct way, so it has the maximum possible legal standing.

Advice on a cohabitation agreement you have been asked to sign

If you have been asked to sign a cohabitation agreement prepared by your partner, you must take independent legal advice before signing. Not only does this help to make sure the agreement is fair to you, it is also required for the agreement to have any legal weight.

Our team will be happy to look over a cohabitation agreement for you and advise on whether we think it is fair to your interests and where they may be room for amendments to better protect your future needs.

Using a cohabitation agreement during separation

Where you have a cohabitation agreement in place and are thinking about a separation, you should take legal advice on how the agreement will apply to your situation. This can clear up any confusion, especially where your circumstances may have changed since you signed the agreement.

Our cohabitation agreements solicitors can advise you on how the terms of your agreement apply to your situation and what may happen if the agreement does not match your current circumstances (e.g. if you have had children since making the agreement and it does not contain provision for this).

Cohabitation disputes

Disputes between cohabitating couples can be challenging to resolve, especially during separation. Issues such as how finances should be separated or what should happen to children are common and can be very complicated and contentious.

Our family lawyers are experts in alternative dispute resolution, so can give you the best chance of reaching an amicable agreement, saving everyone involved time, legal costs and unnecessary conflict.

Our cohabitation agreement fees

Fixed fee cohabitation agreements

We can typically prepare a straightforward cohabitation agreement on a fixed fee basis, meaning the price will be agreed in advance. This gives you complete certainty over the cost involved.

Hourly rates for cohabitation legal advice

For more complex matters, such as negotiating the terms of a more complex agreement or advising on the application of a cohabitation agreement during separation, we will usually need to charge according to our set hourly rates. These rates will depend on the complexity of the issues involved and thus the level of legal expertise required to deal with them effectively.

For an indication of our costs, please take a look at our hourly rates.

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