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A relationship breakdown can be one of the most traumatic and difficult periods in a person’s life, but with the right legal advice and guidance even the most challenging issues can be made much easier to deal with.

Our London family lawyers aim to offer you a supportive and efficient legal service to help safely navigate the potential legal minefields involved in issues such as unravelling shared finances and reaching arrangements for your children.

As well as helping with issues related to divorce and separation, we also offer a wide range of other services, including for prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and adoption, helping you to get your family established on a firm footing.

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Why choose Huggins Lewis Foskett for family law?

We work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels, offering sensitive, practical advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Your case will be handled sensitively with the right level of expertise depending on the complexity of your case and all of our advice will be given in clear language that makes sense.

With strong expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) we can remove much of the conflict that can be a feature of many divorces and separations.

Our experienced family law solicitors include members of Resolution (a network of lawyers committed to removing conflict from family law).

We are able to offer many of our family law services on a fixed-fee basis, offering certainty over the costs involved. We can also offer flexible payment plans, as we recognise that cash flow can be an issue where a relationship has broken down.

Our family law expertise

Our work includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Divorce, separation & civil partnership dissolution
  • Financial settlements on family breakdown
  • Arrangements for children
  • Prenuptial agreements & trust deeds
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Cohabitation dispute resolution
  • Adoption
  • Parental responsibility
  • Domestic violence

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for family law

We understand that most people prefer to avoid court proceedings wherever possible and, in most cases, we can resolve even the most complex and contentious family law disputes out-of-court.

Our family law fees

Depending on the exact issues you require assistance with and complexity of the matters involved, we may be able to offer a fixed-fee deal or we may need to agree an hourly rate for handling your family law matters.

Our fixed-fee family law services typically include matters such as assisting with drafting, filing and responding to divorce petitions and using Consent Orders to formalise any financial settlement you have agreed voluntarily.

More complex matters, such as making a financial settlement or agreeing arrangements for children will usually need to be charged according to our set hourly rates. These rates will typically depend on the complexity of the issues involved and thus the level of legal expertise required to deal with them effectively.

For an indication of our costs, please take a look at our hourly rate and our fixed fee rates

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