Notary Public Services in East London

When carrying out personal or business matters abroad, you will often need to rely on official documents, such as copies of your passport, professional qualifications or powers of attorney. To make sure these documents will be accepted in another country, it is usually recommended to have them officially authenticated by a Notary Public.

Our team includes two highly experienced Notaries, Baldev Battu and Michael Legister who are both members of The Notaries Society. We can ensure your documents will be properly notarised quickly for a competitive price, so you can have complete confidence when carrying out your plans abroad.

If you require documents and signatures authenticated or certified for use abroad, please contact either Baldev or Michael on 0208 989 3000 or use our simple contact form to request a call back.

Why choose our Notary Publics for your business and personal affairs?

Our Notaries are both highly experienced in handling important documents for clients who need to smoothly conduct legal matters abroad. Both of our Notaries are also Partners in the firm and heads of their respective departments, each having decades of legal experience.

Baldev Battu heads our Residential Property and is a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Panel. Baldev is fluent in Punjabi.

Michael Legister is the head of our Commercial Litigation team, with experience advising clients including individuals, large corporations and foreign governments.

Our notary services for individuals

We can assist you with carrying out a wide range of personal matters abroad, including:

  • Certifying copies of identity documents e.g. passports & driving licences
  • Certifying professional qualifications
  • Authorising powers of attorney for use abroad
  • Authenticating a person’s freedom to marry
  • Certifying consent letters for overseas school trips & holidays
  • Authorising documents for overseas court proceedings
  • Certifying translated documents

Our notary services for businesses

We can provide fast, reliable notary services for carrying out business matters in foreign jurisdictions, including:

  • Witnessing signatures for deeds & other documents
  • Authenticating business documents & transactions
  • Taking affidavits
  • Dealing with documentation related to sale and purchase of property abroad
  • Certifying commercial & copyright documents
  • Legalisation of documents through the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, or individual embassies and consulates, as required

Fees for our notary services

We aim to provide a fast, reliable notary service at a competitive rate and will make sure all of the costs for notarising your documents are made clear from the outset.

There are two main costs involved with authenticating documents and signatures:

Our notary fees – Which will depend on the complexity of the work involved. VAT will apply to our fees for customers from within the UK and EU.

Disbursements – Which are the fees charged by the government’s Legalisation Office for legalising your documents.

Our London notary services team

Fee Earners


  • Jacqui Alston
  • Teresa Tapster

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