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Have you ever provided a service to someone or sold a product but have not been paid?  This is a common problem that can lead to cash flow problems that could seriously harm your business.

Our specialist debt recovery lawyers can help you understand the terms of the contract that you have entered into and advise upon whether your clients’ or customers’ reasons for failing to pay you are reasonable.

At Huggins Lewis Foskett, we have a strong track record of successfully helping individuals and businesses across a range of sectors recover debts efficiently and cost-effectively. We understand the value of retaining positive relationships in many circumstances; issues of cash flow affect most businesses at some point and, in the long-run, exploring non-contentious options for recovery is often the best option.

We will help you explore all available possibilities for proceeding, including starting legal proceedings and claiming under business debt insurance or insolvency indemnity insurance. If your prospects of successfully recovering your fees are good, our lawyers can advise and assist you upon the different methods of recovering your outstanding payment through the Courts in order to obtain either a County Court Judgment or a High Court Judgment against your “debtor”.  We can also provide advice about the different methods available to enforce the Judgment that you have received from the Court.

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What our debt recovery solicitors in London can do for you

Our debt lawyers have wide-ranging expertise across all debt recovery and insolvency matters, including:

  • Pre-action negotiations, including letters before action, settlement discussions, providing advice on offers of settlement such as payment plans and lump sum offers, and drafting settlement agreements
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, including helping you access mediation and arbitration where feasible
  • County Court money claim proceedings
  • Conducting defended money claim proceedings
  • Enforcing County Court Judgments in the County Court and the High Court
  • Obtaining Charging Orders to secure unsecured debts over the debtor’s property or assets
  • Obtaining Orders for Sale of secured property or assets
  • Drafting and serving Statutory Demands
  • Instigating insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Proving in your debt with the Official Receiver or Insolvency Practitioner for a debtor who is already bankrupt or insolvent
  • Participating in Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Company Voluntary Arrangements

We take a professional, intelligent approach to debt recovery. The majority of cases are possible to settle without resorting to court proceedings, so we’ve honed our negotiation skills with the aim of achieving the best possible settlement for our clients without starting a claim. However, we’ll conduct your case in line with the Civil Pre-Action Protocol so you’ll be in the best possible position if we do need to start court proceedings.

We’ll carefully tailor our advice to suit your individual needs, taking into account your business goals and the relationship you previously enjoyed with the debtor.

That being said, we will never encourage you to settle for less than you’re entitled to. If it becomes necessary to start money claim or insolvency proceedings, we will act swiftly and robustly to promote your interests and secure the future of your business. By abiding strictly by the Civil Pre-Action Protocol, you’ll be viewed positively by the court, making it more likely that you’ll be successful if the debtor then tries to defend the claim (particularly if the debtor has failed to engage in negotiations).

Why choose Huggins Lewis Foskett’s insolvency and debt recovery lawyers in London?

At Huggins Lewis Foskett, we find creative, positive solutions to real-life legal problems. Debt recovery is more than simply sending a letter of demand; it requires insight into the relations between an individual or business and their debtor and the ability to think progressively about the best way to proceed.

Our head of Commercial Litigation, Michael Legister has nearly 30 years of experience resolving complex disputes and has worked with a wide range of clients, from sole traders, to large corporations.

We’ll utilise years of negotiation skills to try and resolve your case positively and harmoniously, saving you the time, costs and stress of going to court. Where court proceedings are necessary, we’ll fight vigorously to promote your business interests and secure a successful result.

Huggins Lewis Foskett is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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Get in touch with our debt and insolvency solicitors in London today by giving us a call, emailing, or filling in our online enquiry form.

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