Debt Recovery Solicitors in East London

It is frustrating when you are owed money but the person or business responsible refuses to pay. By this point you have probably exhausted your channels of communication and got nowhere. But you still have options – our expert team of debt recovery solicitors can help you take action to recover your money.

Our specialist Litigation team help people across South Woodford, London and the wider South of England area to reclaim money owed to them.

We understand that unpaid debts are not just annoying, they can severely impact your own finances. Our aim is to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. However the debt arose, we are here to take action for you, saving you further time and stress. We regularly advise clients with all sorts of debt issue, including:

  • Unpaid refunds
  • Unpaid invoices for products and services (such as unpaid construction work)
  • Personal loans to friends, family and neighbours
  • Business loans to employers, business partners and start-ups
  • Unpaid proceeds from private sales, such as cars, jewellery, equipment and designer clothes
  • Unpaid rent from tenants or lodgers
  • Unreturned deposits from your landlord (including where your landlord did not protect your deposit using a deposit protection scheme)
  • Unpaid wages from your employer

We can offer fixed fee debt recovery services for straightforward matters, so you can be completely certain of how much it will cost to pursue legal action.

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If you are a business, we can also help you. Visit our Commercial Debt & Insolvency Solicitors page for more information.

How our debt recovery solicitors can help

We can help you explore a wide range of options, including:

  • Issuing Letters Before Action
  • Making county court money claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation)
  • Negotiating settlements (such as ongoing payment plans), providing practical advice about any offers of settlement and drafting settlement contracts
  • Insolvency (such as applying to make someone bankrupt).

Our team take a strategic, investigative approach to recovering our clients’ money, such as:

  • Instructing tracing agents to track down debtors
  • Exploring a debtor’s income and expenditure, such as obtaining credit information and obtaining an Order for Questioning to compel the debtor to attend court and answer questions about their finances
  • Dealing with defended money claim proceedings and counter claims

We can also provide enforcement services, including:

  • Obtaining Charging Orders to secure county court judgments (CCJs) over property
  • Forcing the sale of property to repay debts
  • Instructing bailiffs
  • Dealing with Official Receivers and Insolvency Practitioners

Why choose Huggins Lewis Foskett’s debt recovery lawyers in London?

At Huggins Lewis Foskett, we find practical solutions to people’s real-life legal problems. Our debt recovery service boasts an impressive rate of success, with many of our clients discovering that a firm Letter Before Action from a solicitor is all that is needed to prompt payment.

We will take all necessary steps to produce the best possible outcome for you, providing clear, simple advice at each stage so you can make confident decisions about how to proceed. As well as issuing Letters of Claim, we have strong negotiation skills. This means that we are able to settle the majority of our clients’ cases out of court, saving them time, costs and stress.

We are also highly experienced court litigators, with expertise handling complex and high value debt recovery cases, including defended claims.

Our head of Litigation, Michael Legister, has nearly 30 years of experience resolving challenging disputes for a wide range of clients, from breach of contract to employment disputes.

Our team also includes Nicky Maisuria, a litigation specialist with particular expertise in debt recovery, insolvency and property disputes.

Huggins Lewis Foskett is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Our debt recovery team

Fee Earners


  • Teresa Tapster
  • Leah Caroo

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Get in touch with our debt recovery solicitors in London today by giving us a call, emailing, or filling in our online enquiry form.