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Experiencing discrimination at work can be upsetting, frustrating and humiliating. You deserve to be treated with respect by your employer, your fellow employees and during recruitment processes. If an employer fails to comply with their legal duties under equality law, you can hold them to account and may even receive compensation.

At Huggins Lewis Foskett Solicitors, our London-based team of employment discrimination solicitors are here to help you enforce your legal rights.

The idea of taking legal action can be daunting, but our goal is to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. In fact, with our help, you have a good chance of positively settling the issue before it reaches the Employment Tribunal stage. Discrimination proceedings can be (quite rightly) damaging to a business’s reputation, so it is often possible to negotiate a suitable outcome for the employee swiftly.

We can assist with all types of workplace discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, including:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Race
  • Religions and belief
  • Sex
  • Sexuality

Our friendly team of employment law solicitors will listen carefully to your issues and concerns and set out all your options so that you can make the right choice about how to move forward. We will take all possible steps to achieve the best outcome for you, whether that is agreeing compensation, getting an apology, or ending your employment on terms that suit you (or a mixture of all these resolutions).   

As well as being skilled negotiators, we are fierce litigators with years of experience helping individuals successfully take their cases all the way to the Employment Tribunal.

So, do you need advice about discrimination at work and your options? Speak to our London specialist employment lawyers now by giving us a call or using our simple contact form to request a call back.

Why choose Huggins Lewis Foskett for discrimination legal advice?

  • We are passionate about helping employees enforce their legal rights – we are people before we are lawyers and firmly believe that everyone is entitled to respect. We are proud to help people put a stop to discriminatory words and actions. While it might take many years, with every case we take on, we hope our successes will slowly help change behaviours and ultimately end the need for discrimination legal advice altogether.
  • Our lawyers have decades of expertise – our Employment Law team is made up to highly experienced lawyers. Our team is headed up by Michael Legister, a solicitor with around 30 years’ experience advising individuals and businesses about all aspects of employment law. Our team also includes, Nicky Maisuria, a litigation specialist with around 20 years’ experience.
  • Take advantage of fast, proactive advice – there are strict deadlines to bring an employment law claim, so we act swiftly to put you in a strong position and secure the best chance of achieving a positive outcome. It is important to get in touch with us as soon as possible after the discriminatory event (e.g. the date you were fired for a discriminatory reason) so we can take action on your behalf.
  • We want to minimise stress wherever possible – we understand how upsetting discrimination can be, let alone the stress of going through legal proceedings. When an employee instructs us, we put them at the centre of the case, taking care to listen to their concerns and ensuring their needs are looked after at all times. While we may liaise and negotiate with your employer during the case, our only priority will be to achieve the best outcome for you.
  • We can offer flexible fees – we understand that legal fees will be a major concern for you. We will be completely upfront and honest about the cost of our services, so you can make the best choice about what action to take (in some cases, your employer may even be willing to pay some or all of your legal fees). Get in touch for a breakdown of our fees and an accurate quote – no hidden costs.

Our discrimination at work expertise

We have a wide range of experience advising clients in all sorts of situations, such as:

  • People who have been directly discriminated against by their employer – e.g. fired because you are LGBTQ+ or because you are pregnant.
  • People who have faced discriminatory bullying or harassment in the workplace by other employees – e.g. a colleague is treating you poorly because of your religious beliefs and your employer is doing nothing about it or has handled the situation badly.
  • People who have been indirectly discriminated against by their employer – indirect discrimination is when your employer has made a policy that affects everyone but puts you at a disadvantage. E.g. a dress code that forbids employees from wearing items of religious dress.
  • People who have been discriminated against during hiring and recruitment processes – e.g. you were not hired for a job because of your age or because you are married.
  • People who have been victimised and treated poorly by their employee because they supported another employee in their discrimination complaint and/or claim.

We can assist you from the moment the dispute arises, to the moment it is settled. Our service includes:

  • Initial advice about your employment law rights and options, including our recommended course of action.
  • Informal negotiations with your employer on your behalf; providing support through your employer’s complaints procedures.
  • Advice about settlement agreements – a type of legal agreement that formally resolves the dispute without going to the Employment Tribunal. Usually, the employer will agree to pay you compensation and other favourable terms and in return, you agree not to pursue your legal claims.
  • Assistance and support during ACAS proceedings, including the Early Conciliation process.
  • Advice about using Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, to settle employment law disputes.
  • Representation during Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Our London Employment Law team

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