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Partnerships can be profitable arrangements for many businesses. However, where disputes arise, these can be challenging to resolve without legal help. When disagreements occur, these can quickly impact the success of the company, as well as causing all manner of financial issues.

Our expert partnership disputes solicitors at Huggins Lewis Foskett can provide comprehensive legal guidance regarding partnership disputes.

We can assist with a range of partnership disputes, a few of which include:

  • Disputes regarding finances, including cash flow, resources or debts
  • Disputes regarding company strategy and or goals
  • Disputes where one partner has committed an illegal activity, for instance fraud
  • Disputes regarding liability
  • Disagreements about partnership duties
  • Disagreements where partnership agreements have been incorrectly drafted

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Why choose Huggins Lewis Foskett for your partnership disputes legal support?

At Huggins Lewis Foskett, we have much experience working with business partners across a range of different industries. We’ve handled all types of complex disputes, and in many cases assisted partners to resolve matters amicably, and continue with their partnership.

Where it is not possible to resolve the situation, or where the partners do not wish to continue working together, we can offer legal assistance to terminate the partnership.

Our legal team at Huggins Lewis Foskett take a constructive approach to every case. We will assess your needs and preferences from the start, ensuring our support is perfectly catered to your situation.

Our solicitors appreciate that partnership disputes can be stressful, and our approach focuses on reducing conflict if possible, and explaining matters carefully, so that you are always aware of your legal position.

Our partnership disputes expertise

Partnership agreement legal support

A clearly drafted partnership agreement is used to ensure that both partners understand their responsibilities and duties with regard to the partnership.

Where required, our solicitors can assist partners to draft new partnership agreements. Having a detailed and clear partnership agreement can help partners to avoid disputes in the first place, or, serve as a reference point for solving disputes later.

If you are experiencing a partnership dispute, we can help you to assess the terms of your partnership agreement, when working towards resolving the dispute. In some cases, partnership agreements may contain dispute resolution clauses which can serve as a starting point for solving disagreements.

Resolving partnership disputes

Our experts at Huggins Lewis Foskett can support you and your business partner to resolve your partnership dispute. For example, with the use of alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation. This process involves meeting with your company partner and a third-party mediator, engaging in discussion to resolve the issues at hand.

Resolving disputes through mediation is a useful way to reduce conflict, and avoid going to Court. It is a particularly suitable option where the business partners are potentially looking to save their business relationship and continue working together.

Dissolving partnerships

Depending on the type of dispute, it may not always be possible to resolve matters and continue the partnership.

In this case, if you would like to dissolve your business partnership, we can offer legal support. We will start by reviewing your partnership agreement, where there should be terms and processes associated with dissolving your partnership, along with dispute resolution terms.

It may be possible to dissolve your partnership without going to Court. But where this is not a viable option, we can assist with the necessary litigation.

Everything you need to know about partnership disputes

What does a partnership agreement include?

A partnership agreement will usually cover the following areas:

  • Duties and obligations of the partners, and partnership terms and conditions
  • How much the partners have contributed to the partnership, and what percentage of the company they own
  • Distribution of profits and losses
  • How disputes will be handled, and how partnership exits, or partnership dissolution will work

A clear agreement can help to avoid disputes, or be a helpful point of reference where disputes occur.

How do you handle disputes in a partnership?

Where it is appropriate to do so, the partners should first attempt to settle matters between themselves via informal discussions.

If the business partners are unable to settle the matter, mediation is generally the next step. During mediation, a neutral mediator will assist the disputing partners to work towards an agreement.

Alternatively, in some cases, arbitration may be a more appropriate dispute resolution method. With arbitration, the case is presented to an arbitrator, who assesses the circumstances and then makes a final and legally binding decision.

Where the above methods are unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, it will be necessary to settle the issue using Court processes. If litigation is necessary, our partnership dispute solicitors can assist you with the relevant proceedings.

Do I need a solicitor for a partnership agreement?

It is possible to draft a partnership agreement without the support of a solicitor. However, working with a solicitor is strongly recommended to ensure that your legal interests are safeguarded, and that you understand your obligations.

By having a solicitor draft your partnership agreement, you can be certain that your partnership agreement adheres to the appropriate regulations and laws.

What is an example of a partnership dispute?

Partnership disputes can arise for a number of different reasons, for example, business partners might have financial disputes about resources, debt or cash flow.

Disputes might also occur due to breach of contract, for instance, where a partner has not adhered to the terms and conditions, or hasn’t fulfilled duties as stated per their agreement.

Other examples of partnership disputes include intellectual property disputes, management related disagreements or disputes regarding the company strategy.

No matter what kind of dispute you are facing, our partnership dispute resolution solicitors in London can assist you.

Can you sue one partner in a partnership?

Yes, one partner may sue the other in a company partnership. If one partner breaches the terms of the partnership, the other partner may be able to sue, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, if a partner has committed fraud, or misappropriated partnership funds, it is likely that their business partner will have the grounds to sue.

If you believe that you may have grounds to sue your partner, you can contact our business disputes solicitors, using the contact details below.

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