Neil Carson

Senior Litigation Executive - Civil Litigation and More

What do you do?

I am a Senior Litigation Executive specialising in civil litigation, insolvency, personal injury, negligence and contractual disputes. I am also a longstanding member of BNI UK (Business Networking), a Practitioner Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, and I work closely with a number of local and national charities. I began my career as a solicitor’s clerk in 1968 and have worked in litigation ever since.

Why do your clients like working with you?

I listen; a skill which is often overlooked and yet invaluable to understand and progressing a client’s case. I am also very methodical, and I respect the level of attention to detail which our Courts and Tribunals demand.

Why do you love your job?

Each day I wake up with the same passion for litigation which I had when I first started my career. I have seen many thousands of clients since I began and, over the years, I have developed particular skills in contract and construction disputes, personal injury (including medical negligence) claims, bankruptcy and corporate insolvency.

  • To say you were thorough in constructing the Terms is somewhat a vast understatement. There were certain points you included in the Terms & Conditions that I must admit I didn’t feel my Client would accept as some Terms were so heavily in our favour and really leaves the client with nowhere to turn. Let’s just say we are certainly well covered should the unfortunate ever happen. I presented these to my client on a Monday and waited somewhat nervously for 2 days for the signature and expected at some point some of the terms to be challenged. The Terms & Conditions were signed on the Wednesday with no queries raised and nothing removed from the documentation. This is of paramount importance to our business, a project I have been working very hard securing for on for 10 months and worth £2.4 million. I can now sleep easy at night with the peace of mind I was craving for knowing we are covered for any eventuality. Neil it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

    M.A, Director
  • Neil - Thank you for your flexible and proactive approach. You found time for me at short notice and patiently explained the detail of the legal terminology in layman’s terms.